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What is Henna?

     We use spices and citric juice to make a paste. This paste is packed into a shaped  
dispenser, not unlike a pastry cone. The artist applies the paste on the skin making designs.    
Mendhi (the art of applying henna) is a ritual that has existed since the early Egyptian days.   
Traditionally practiced exclusively by women, this ancient cosmetic and healing art is most   
commonly associated with romantic love and the ritual of marriage. The art form varies   
from region to region, and the designs and meanings are different in each culture.

How long does it last?

    Your design should last from several days to weeks depending on how long the paste is       
left on the skin, which area of the body is chosen for application, and how much that area is  
exposed to water, chemicals, and exfoliation. The darkest designs will be where the body
temperature is at its highest and the skin its thickest (ie: palms of the hand and soles of the
feet). So, once the paste is removed, or dries and falls off, keep it out of water for the next 24
hours. Initially the color of the stain may be faint. . . don't worry, it will darken over the next
24 hours.It is exciting to watch Tara use the henna to draw the patterns on the skin. Once the
henna is dry and the stain is set, you will be the envy of all your friends!

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